Math Challenge


  • Math Challenge is an enrichment program organized by

  • All students K to Grade 5 whose schools are registered with are invited to participate. You can participate through your school PTSA.

  • Students can start anytime after the challenge start.

  • There will be 15 challenges throughout the school year; each set is published every other week starting in late September or early October and ending in May.

  • Each challenge presents 10 to 18 problems ordered by level of difficulty.

  • Note: No registration is needed. You are automatically enrolled as soon as you submit a solution.

Benefits of Math Challenge

  • The purpose of this program is to engage and challenge students to solve interesting math problems while along the way, strengthen their math fundamentals.

  • Math Challenge Program improves the overall students' attitudes toward math.

  • Students can also involve their families to help and engage in a fun discussion to solve math problems.

Math Challenge schedule

Sample Questions
Sample Answers
Questions Solutions
MC#1 Questions (submissions due Oct 4,2023) Solutions (available on Oct 6, 2023)
MC#2 Questions (online on Oct 6, 2023) Solutions
MC#3 Questions (online on Oct 20, 2023) Solutions
MC#4 Questions (online on Nov 3, 2023) Solutions
MC#5 Questions (online on Nov 17, 2023) Solutions
MC#6 Questions (online on Dec 8, 2023) Solutions
MC#7 Questions (online on Jan 5, 2024) Solutions
MC#8 Questions (online on Jan 19, 2024) Solutions
MC#9 Questions (online on Feb 2, 2024) Solutions
MC#10 Questions (online on Feb 16, 2024) Solutions
MC#11 Questions (online on Mar 1, 2024) Solutions
MC#12 Questions (online on Mar 15, 2024) Solutions
MC#13 Questions (online on Mar 29, 2024) Solutions
MC#14 Questions (online on Apr 12, 2024) Solutions
MC#15 Questions (online on Apr 26, 2024) Solutions

How to submit answers

Submit your answers through the submission form . It allows automated evaluation and avoids misinterpreting handwriting and speeds up the evaluation.

Answers submission form

Validate submissions

You will be able to validate your answers by entering the email id used for submission. This will be available after all MC1 submissions are received.


Leaderboard will be available after first Math Challenge

Fall 2023 National Math Challenge Tournament (MCT)

Details will be shared later...